16oz Bottle Exchange
Grand Jun

16oz Bottle Exchange

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Keep your fridge and belly full with rotating jun kombucha flavors!

16oz Bottle Refill/Exchange

You must purchase or bring a 16oz bottle to enter into the exchange. We love to reuse and recycle, if you have a 16oz bottle to deposit into the exchange, send us a note with a picture before purchasing so we can determine if it will work with our cleaning, capping, and filling equipment. 

Initial Purchase $5.25

Refills $4.75

Bottle pick-up and refill available at the Jun Boochery Tap Room or at a farmers market near you. See our summer schedule here.

Order your bottle or refill 24hrs in advance of the market and we will have it filled and ready to go! Check our stories on Instagram to confirm availability, flavors, and market schedule before ordering.

Flavors change regularly with the seasons and we cannot guarantee any specific flavor at the time of purchase. You can choose what is available at the market or at the Jun Boochery Tap Room when you schedule your pick-up!