Still fermenting...

Sarah Wood brewing fermeting journey jun kombucha startup

It's all about the journey, right!? "Don't stop believin'..."

Well, welcome to our jun kombucha road trip. We have been brewing, formulating flavors, gathering up some equipment, and getting antsy to share what we're brewing up. Why? Well, we want to bring the West Slope a quality, local, craft, jun kombucha experience for the gut and for the mind. No comprimises.

Follow the fermentation journey here, sign-up for the newsletter below, hang with us on Instagram, and get ready to fill your fridge.

We will be starting production March 2021 and are working to hit a cafe, restaurant, shelf, tap, or porch near you in May.

Stay tuned, hang tight, and "Hold on to that feee-eelin'..."


P.S. Love jun kombucha? Interested in being a beta taste tester? Sign up for the newsletter below and hear about small group (and physically distanced) tasting events comin' to a picnic table near you.

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